Artist Statement

The best thing in the world is hearing that part of a song that makes me want to jump up and move my body.  Every time I turn on the radio, see a band play live, or go see a DJ perform, I am seeking that feeling that makes me want to move.  This is how I feel when making music, and why I transfer that feeling into my songs.  When I try to drill down into what motivates me to put two sounds together on a track, I find that it is really quite simple.  I make music so that I can dance.

I am a composer, recording engineer, producer and marketer of my electronic music. From within my studio, and through the technology of a DAW, I am able to create music that comes from my best emotional experiences. Every choice I make in my work stems from whether or not I feel that urge to move.  First, I lay down the beat because it sets the tempo and the style.  When I shift to developing the groove and rhythm, I already have a feel for how I'm going keep that head bobbing feeling.  This is why I like to have the kick and snare stand out in a track to keep the listener in time.  All other parts build from there until I feel that I have a level of complexity that will excite the listener with something new to dance to.

My influences include artists like Trent Reznor, Dr. Dre, and Skrillex, but my goal is not to imitate their style, only to strive for the feeling I get when I listen to them. I envision myself as an artist that can learn from many of the ideas these artists use, but apply them in my own style to create something new. For instance, my latest projects attempt to infuse rhythmic yet funky bass lines with newer and dirtier drum sounds.

The big city, filled with adventure, wonderment, fear, and excitement, is what dance music should feel like.  Big build ups like tall skyscrapers, walking bass lines like people running around all day and night, drops like dark alleys and atmospheric highs like bright street lights.  My music captures my experiences traveling the world, from Manhattan, Los Angeles and Chicago, to Melbourne, Berlin or Bangkok.  My desire is to bring the excitement that I feel in a big city, and layer that with big city complexity, into my music.  When I sit back and listen to a completed track that moves me, I know that I’m feeling the reflection of my own emotion being expressed in that track. This is when I know that I have successful project.